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A little history of 5-String, 3-finger style banjo picking. Part 1

When I first became interested in picking the banjo it was hard to find any information at all about the instrument. This was partly because there was no internet, but also 'cause civil society pretty much discouraged banjo behaviors, especially among the youth. Remember the "duck and cover" drills in grade school?

Learn to play banjo in 15 minutes

It has strings, you pluck the strings to cause the instrument to emit sound. What could be simpler?

Very similar to a guitar, perhaps, but the banjo is certainly its own animal. I have seen a number of web sites with information about the history of the banjo, and lots of other banjo lore. I have never been all that interested in where the banjo originated and that sort of thing, but I have always been fascinated by how the banjo makes me feel. It can't be described, I suppose, but somehow the banjo can hook you. If you get hooked, you get hooked - and if you don't, you don't. I am one that got hooked.

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